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Favorite genres are traditional mystery, police procedurals, espionage, Eurocrime, literary fiction and nonfiction history, especially WW2 and Cold War.  I write about crime fiction at Read Me Deadly (www.readmedeadly.com)

A charming and unusual French love story

The Red Notebook - Antoine Laurain, Jane Aitken, Emily Boyce

This short novel tells the unusual love story of Laure and Laurent, a couple of Parisians no longer in the flush of youth.  I know, “Laure and Laurent,” sounds a little too precious, but don’t worry.  This is a French novel––never too sweet; just a small, delicious mouthful of a novel.


You can easily knock this off in an afternoon or evening, and it won’t haunt your memory, but I can say it should be a very pleasant afternoon or evening, leaving an afterglow for the rest of the day, anyway.